Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St. Mary's - Praha

Another of the "Painted Churches of Texas" taken weekend before last. This one is St. Mary's Church in Praha, Texas.

Title: "St. Marys - Praha"

Camera / Lens: Canon 5D Mark II / Canon 24-105mm L zoom
Post-processing: Photomatix Pro to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) image from three tripod mounted exposures (-2, 0, +2) > Photoshop CS4 > Topaz Adjust


Doug Haass said...

I like the choice of texture and slight brown color to match the church bricks. The texture helps direct the eyes toward the church instead of fixating on the harsh gray skies. I would level the horizon a tad, unless that was the look you wanted.

Larry said...

I like the colors and textures in this shot, but I think I would like to see it centered with the background buildings cloned out. Nice shot as is though.

Doug Haass said...

I agree with Larry's comment about centering. Was the off-center look intentional for framing or were you trying to keep something else out of the photo?

Barry Armer said...

Thanks Larry and Doug!

I settled on this crop because I wanted to get rid of as much of the modern home in the background on the left as possible. You can still see it there but I hope I minimized it enough so as to keep it from being a distraction. I didn't want to crop in an equal amount on the right because I didn't want to croud the building too much. Also that darn rule of thirds usually makes me avoid dead centering subjects (unless I'm in a "Breaking Photographic Rules" mode). :-)