Monday, May 18, 2009

NY trip Day 1

Posting photos from the NY trip Day 1 two days late because of computer problems. On Day 1, we left Houston and went through Louisiana to Toomsuba, Mississippi. This first shot was taken at the Louisiana Welcome Center.

Title: "No Swimming"

We encountered a lot of areas of bad weather on the first day. This next photo was taken at a gas station in Gross Tete, LA.

Title: "Gross Tete Weather"

Day 1 was mostly a travel day, and here is what my view was like, for most of the day.

Title: "Traveling Companion"


Larry said...

Nice to see you got your internet connection established. I like "No Swimming" the best - looks like a sign they need to post at Brazos Bend. Nice stormy sky in the second shot. I like the inclusion of the sign to add texture, scale, and reference. Watch that photography while your driving on shot number three!

Here's Looking at You! Photography said...

#3 is my favorite. You always manage to do something nice with your skies.

Larry J. Patrick said...

I like your signs. To me the sky is the subject in both of them, but the signs make you think about a few more things.

Good job.

Barry Armer said...

Thanks Larry, Shirley and Patrick!

The "sign" in the middle shot is actually the front of the travel trailer. The manufactures gave it the exotic sounding name of "Wildwood"! :-)