Sunday, November 30, 2008

Three Bridges Re-Do

I received lots of terrific feedback on this photo (thanks Larry, Jan, Patrick, and Cindi). I tried to implement as many of the suggestions as I could in my revised post-processing. I'm posting the original crop and two crop alternatives because I really ended up liking all three.

Title: "Three Bridges V2"

Title: "Three Bridges V2 Crop 1"

Title: "Three Bridges V2 Crop 2"

The extra post-processing I did was to add a curves adjustment layer to increase overall contrast, added a Levels adjustment with a layer mask isolating the sky to make the sky much darker and highlighting the clouds, a Nik Viveza plugin adjustment to brighten the area around the third bridge and a Brightness / Contrast Adjustment layer to brighten up the entire image. I also did some cloning and transformations to level out the first bridge along the horizon.


Anonymous said...

Good improvements. I like both of the top two, although I do kind of miss all the foliage in the tighter crop. The last one with only 2 bridges is not quite as interesting to me, the other ones lead my eye more from the edges of the frame to the center instead of just going immediately to the center bridges. I think you did a great job with the contrast in the sky and getting the trees to be more colorful. The top revised image is my favorite.


Barry Armer said...

Thanks Cindi! The top one is my favorite also but I thought it might just be because that was my original composition (pride of authorship and all that) so I'm glad to hear that it's your favorite as well!

Thanks again for your feedback on the original posting!