Monday, November 24, 2008

Photo Re-do(s)

Today I'm re-posting a couple of photos visitors to the blog have suggested might be improved by cropping more closely. Kyle thought the "Ever Watchful Dragon" I posted a couple of days ago had a little too much negative space on top and I agreed so here is the result of the new crop.

Title: "Ever Watchful Dragon V2"

This crop makes the dragon more significant in the shot and also moves it more to a more important placement for the rule of thirds. Thanks for the suggestion Kyle!

Patrick thought "The Monk" would also benefit from a tighter crop so here is the revised version.

Title: "The Monk V2"

I cut quite a bit of background out of the photo and I don't miss any of it and I think it is a much more powerful photo cropped this way. Thank you Patrick!

The original version of each photo is below (Nov 22 and Nov 20, respectively.


Larry Patrick Photography said...

YES! Now this is a very powerful image!

Anonymous said...

Well, you can't please all the people all the time, or something like that --- the monk is cropped a little too tight for me in this post...It makes me wonder if he is some guy with a blanket on his head, I am losing the "monkness". I would like to see a little more down his neck so you know it is a monk's robe. BUT I do like the dragon crop! I even re-loaded my shot from my card as I hadn't cleared them yet --- you're an inspiration Barry!


Barry Armer said...

Thanks again for your comments Patrick and Cindi!

Cindi - There may indeed be a crop in between this Monk and the previous Monk that works even better. I went into it intending to make as tight a crop as I thought I could get away with and I really liked the result. So I didn't try any other variations. As far as being inspirational...we'll see! :-)