Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Port Aransas Sail

My daughter Emma and I took a "dolphin watch" boat tour from Port Aransas this past weekend. We saw a lot of dolphins and a lot of other beautiful scenery as well. I took this shot around 6:30 PM when we were just starting to see a little of the evening colors.

Title: "Port Aransas Sail"

Camera / Lens: Canon 40D / Canon 100-400 L zoom


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Great composition, I love all the negative space of the sky with just a few low clouds. The sailboat is in perfect form (that from non-sailor, so what do I know). I like the specular highlights on the water too --- there are lots of places for your eye to go around this image and then come back to the boat.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a cool breeze off the water, sipping iced tea and listening to the gulls. One of my favorite kinds of photogrpahy and a really nice shot.


Larry J. Patrick said...

I like the separation of the sail boat from the background. It really makes the subject pop-out and helps direct your eye. Even though there is separation, the fact that the colors in the sunrise are also in the sails helps bring the two portions of the image together.

Good shot.

Barry Armer said...

Thank you Cindi, Doug and Patrick!

This is a photo I initially considered deleting. It had multiple techinical problems directly from the camera but after post-processing I was really happy with the result.