Friday, July 9, 2010

#575. Texas Style

I went out driving this evening and saw this cool limo parked under the Seabrook-Kemah bridge and couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop for a photo or two.

Camera / Lens: Canon 5D Mark II / Canon 24-105mm L zoom
Post-processing: Photomatix Pro > Photoshop CS4 > Topaz Adjust plugin


Cindi said...

Great capture! The angle really emphasizes the length of the limo and the bridge echoes it perfectly. I even like the lens flare --- that is so the trendy thing to get!

Doug Haass said...

I don't take issue with the flare, but think the photo would have looked better without it in this case. Nice shot either way. I like how you processed it.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked lens flares on the other hand... guess you can't make everyone happy!

I guess it can be a bit distracting - I guess I've always liked them from an artistic point of view...

Barry Armer said...

Thanks Cindi, Doug, and Josh!

I seem to have sparked a lens flare debate! :-) Cindi, Josh and I like it (at least in this image) and Doug and Larry (voted off-line) not so much. My vote is not impartial so I'm throwing it out and calling the matter a draw! That should either make everyone happy or no one? ;-)