Thursday, July 1, 2010

#569. RTD Fireworks #3 and #4

Two more photos from the Rock the Dock ("RTD") fireworks display last Friday night. To me these two are not as strong as the first two I posted (post #566 and #567) because I didn't capture the trail of the rocket as it launched. Still, the explosions captured are nice and hopefully make them post-worthy! :-)

Tip for processing your fireworks shots this upcoming July 4th: Open your captured image in Abobe Photoshop CS4 and duplicate the background layer [CTRL + "J"] then switch the blending mode on the top layer to "Multiply". If you have foreground in your image and don't like how the "Multiply" blending mode changes it, simply add a layer mask and mask off the foreground by painting over it on the layer mask with a soft black brush. You can adjust the Opacity of the top layer to reduce the intensity of the changes made by using the "Multiply" blending mode if so desired. Next, Merge Visible Layers to a new layer and continue processing from there. This simple first step will usually go a long way toward eliminating all but the heaviest of any distracting and otherwise undesirable background smoke. This will also slightly reduce the brightness of the explosion itself but that is easily dealt with, if you think it is necessary, in further processing.

Title: "RTD Firework #3"

Title: "RTD Firework #4"

Post-processing: Photoshop CS4 > Topaz Adjust plugin


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. If I hadn't already deleted my smokey shots, I would have given it a try!

Bob Dempsey

Barry Armer said...

Thanks Bob!

I guess I put my tip out there a little too late? :-)

This only works for light smoke. Since you described the deleted shots as "smokey" it sounds like you may have had more smoke in them than this technique would help anyway.


Larry said...

Two more nice shots! Looks like your getting the hang of this.

Ted said...

OFF THE SUBJECT... But... it's interesting how much firework images evoke flower imagery. I'm guessing there's some kind of primal physics that cause the similarities... And that an event created by fire and explosion can birth flower-like beauty. There's some deep allegorical story there Barry.

I'd explore it.. but my head's about to explode.

Happy Fourth....

Justin said...

Anyone can take photos of fireworks, but your photos of fireworks stand out to me because of the lake/wood-debris at the bottom center of each photo. It adds so much perspective, color, and emotion to the shot.