Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#561. Fat Boys Bait

While in Galveston on Sunday I wandered over to Fat Boys Bait and took a few snaps. This is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image, courtesy of Photomatix Pro, subsequently converted to Black and White in Photoshop. The shot is busy with lots of distractions in the form of boats, automobiles, telephone lines, etc, but but I find I like it nonetheless. If you've ever been to a bait house on a fair-weather weekend morning you already know it can be a little chaotic at times anyway. :-)

Title: "Fat Boys Bait"

Camera / Lens: Canon 5D Mark II / Canon 24-105mm L zoom
Post-processing: Photomatix Pro > Photoshop CS4 > Topaz Adjust plugin


Linn Kristin said...

that is absolutely gorgeous yet scary. eventho there are cars in the image it has a very abanoned feel! love it


Barry Armer said...
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Barry Armer said...

Thank you Linn!

I see what you mean about "gorgeous yet scary"! I tend to label a photo with those qualities as "dramatic" which is a pretty general term. I like your description better because it is more specific.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting. I always appreciate that!