Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old Hays County Jail #2

Here's another shot of the old Hayes County Jail in San Marcos. This one was taken from the sunny side of the building and has a much warmer feel to it than yesterdays shot from the shadow side.

Title: "Old Hayes County Jail #2"

Camera / Lens: Canon 40D / Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 zoom
Post-processing: HDR (High Dynamic Range) from three hand-held exposures using Photomatix Pro > Photoshop CS3 > Topaz Adjust plugin


Larry J. Patrick said...

I think the other side of the building is more interesting with the old wooden frame in the background, but I like this one also. I hope you got some more detailed shots of the vines growing on the building and some broken parts of the building. Good work.

Larry said...

Another nice shot of the old jail. I wonder how long it's been since the building was in service? It looks like it's been abandoned for decades but it also appears to have the remnents of an ADA ramp in front.

Wayne Beck said...

For my birth town in Oklahoma, I wish I knew where the photographs of some of the old buildings were. You may be doing a service for someone, if they can find you.

Barry Armer said...

Thanks Patrick, Larry, and Wayne!

Patrick - Initially the 6' perimeter fence limited the shots I could get but the real limitation is that I just don't have myself trained to think about detail shots often enough. I had a long telephoto in the truck I could have used to get as close as I wanted if I would have thought to use it! Live and learn I guess!

Larry - I have a history of the jail that was recently published in a San Marcos newspaper. I'm curious about the answers to your questions so I'll try and remember to look them up and post them here soon.

Wayne - I'm trying to include as many tags, labels, etc. as I can to help the search engines find my photos when people search for them. Hopefully my efforts will allow anyone interested in one of the subjects of my photos to find it. Time will tell I guess.