Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fulton Mansion

The Fulton Mansion is located on Fulton Beach Road in Fulton, Texas overlooking Aransas Bay. Construction of the mansion was completed in 1877. This was one of the sites we visited on our trip to the Rockport area a couple of weekends ago.

Title: "Fulton Mansion"

Camera / Lens: Canon 40D / Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 zoom

Post-processing: Photomatix Pro to convert three hand-held exposures (-2,0,+2) to one HDR image > Photoshop CS3 > Duplicate Background Layer > Distor Lens Correction Verticle Perspective to correct verticle perspective > Crop remove some of the empty space caused by the perspective correction in the previous step > select for center of palm tree to bottom left and paste to a new level > Transform to drag the left hand edge to fill the remaining blank space left after the verrtical perspective correction and crop > Merge Visible to New Layer > Clone tool to remove an orange safety cone from in front of the middle of the stairs > Merge Visible to New Layer > Topaz Adjust plugin to increase detail and contrast and to reduce noise > Duplicate Layer > Healing Tool to remove some spots caused by dust on my camera's sensor > Merge Visible to New Layer to Cone out most of the halo effect caused by some of the previous post-processing > Curves Adjustment Layer for a pop to overall contrast


Larry said...

Nice composition and post processing. The HDR really enhances the shot to me.

Larry J. Patrick said...

Your light hand on the HDR switch makes it very difficult to see the HDR. Yea, right!

This is an outstanding use of HDR. You pushed it to the point where it looks like an illustration rather than a photo. I think an illustration shows-off the details in the structure better than a normal photo would.

Good job.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Realy nice Barry. I agree with what they guys said. It really shows of what I am pretty sure is the Italiante style of this home.

Love the color!

Steve Schuenke said...

I really like it too. HDR/Lucis/Topaz always seem to make architecture come alive - at least for me. I've wanted to photograph this building for a while now. Nice job.

Barry Armer said...

Thanks for the feedback Larry, Patrick, Brian and Steve!

I know if I post something all four of you like I have done a good job! :-)


Anonymous said...

Add me to the mix Barry. This is one of my favorites. Detail is excellent and I just love the overall look of this shot.



Barry Armer said...

Thanks Doug!

That makes it five for five (but whose counting?) :-)