Sunday, January 4, 2009


We went over to my sister's house for hot dogs on New Years Day and, of course, I took photographs while I was there. I used my homemade beauty dish with my Canon 430EX flash mounted on my tripod for an off camera light source. This photo of my nephew (actually grand nephew is technically correct) was my favorite from the day.

Title: "Levi"

Camera / Lens: Canon 40D / Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 zoom
Post-processing: Photoshop CS3 > Duplicate Background Layer > Topaz Adjust plugin "Spicify" preset with mask to block the effect from the eyes, lips and hair > Merge Visible to New Layer > Distort Lens Correction Vignette > Merge Visible to New Layer > Nik Viveza plugin to brighten and lighten the eyes


Larry J. Patrick said...

This is good. Very good. I like the colors. The composition. The lighting. I think your beauty dish is a winner.

Barry Armer said...

Thanks Patrick!

I appreciate your feedback as usual!

The homemade beauty dish (I followed the same recipe as Steve) is really working out well. I don't know if it actually works any better than my mini softbox or not but my "feeling" is that it does. It seems to diffuse about as well as a white shoot through umbrella which I think would be a little more difficult to move around with.


Larry said...

It's a great portrait, my favorite one you've done. I don't see how this one could be improved.

Barry Armer said...

Thanks Larry!

Glad you like it!