Friday, January 16, 2009

Bishops Palace

This photo was created using Photoshop photo merge from six different shots. I took three shots of the top half of the building and three shots of the bottom half and let Photoshop do the work of stitching everything together. This was necessary because I had to stand very close to the building to take the picture because if I backed up any further trees would have partially obscured my shot. The resulting pieced together image had a lot of distortion but I was able to straighten things up pretty well using Photoshop's Distort Lens Correction filter. It's didn't end up perfectly square but the overall result was not bad.

Title: "Bishops Palace"

Camera / Lens: Canon 40D / Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 zoom


Larry J. Patrick said...

Not sure why you took six shots. So, why? Also, how big of a file did you end-up with?

I like the camera position on this one. I think that it complements the overall structure of the building. Good color balance.

Jan Klier said...

Great job on the merge/distortion management, and also going the extra mile to keep that tree out and being creative about it.

Just for fun, take a look at tilt-shift lenses. They are made among other reasons to take photos like this without having to manage the distortions. Great specialty lens, but a bit pricey if you don't shoot this type of stuff all the time.

I think this is my favorite of your pictures over the last few weeks.


Anonymous said...

I like the shot. I think the tree over the top helps break up the sky and frame the building better.


Barry Armer said...

Thank Patrick, Jan and Doug!

Patrick - Short answer is that I took six because from where I stood I couldn't get the entire structure in the frame in one shot (using 17mm which on my 40D = 27mm). In portrait mode I could have captured the entire house in three shots but with no room to spare for the surrounding environment. So I took six shots to insure plenty of overlap and to get some of the surrounding environment.

Jan - I did go looking around the internet and reading a lot about the tilt-shift lenses after this experience. Everything I read made me want one for my collection of lenses, except the price! Next on my list hast to be the 70-200 f/2.8 that everyone except me already has! :-)

Doug - I like the inclusion of the tree as well!

Thanks again everyone!