Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#601. Geometry

Today's post is about geometry; maybe not all geometry but at least rectangles and right angles. Conventional wisdom says images about geometry should be in black and white and after considering both the black and white and the color versions of this image I agreed with conventional wisdom. Taken Saturday morning at Discovery Green in downtown Houston.

Title: "Geometry"

Post-processing: Photomatix Pro to combine 7 exposures into one HDR (High Dynamic Range) image > Photoshop CS4 > Topaz Adjust plugin


Cindi said...

You sure do have a lot of geometry going on here, what an interesting composition. I wonder if just a little tighter crop would make this image stronger --- crop away most of the grass and in on the sides to the light pole on the left and to the edge of the wall of squares and rectangles on the right? I like the way the light is hitting the section in the center too. You have given the eyes a lot of interesting things to study with this shot. Did you try any unusual toning with this one?

Larry said...

I think you chose wisely on the B&W. I know the colors here are crazy cool but the B&W adds a lot of impact.