Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Rig

I purchased a new camera that was delivered yesterday! Will it make me a better photographer? Probably not...but it should improve the overall quality of my images. I took this photo with it and now I just need to get out and take some real photos. :-)

Title: "New Rig"

Camera / Lens: Canon 5DMII / Canon 24-105mm L zoom
Shot data: 1/40s f/4.0 at 84.0mm iso250


Jan Klier said...

Very cool. Have fun.

Doug Haass said...

I know how much I enjoyed getting my original 5D and going back to having a full frame camera. It is great when you can actually get a 24mm lens shooting at 24 and not a crop factor. You will have a blast shooting with it. You should really like the file size, being able to crop into a photo and still have a decent sized shot to print.

Cindi said...

So Santa came a little late this year? Congrats! I hope you really do get improved quality in your images...although I can't say my recent upgrade has done that for me!

Barry Armer said...

Thanks Jan, Doug and Cindi!

I still have only a few shots under my belt so the jury is still out. In the early going my favorite part of the upgrade is the 5D's improvement in the LCD display over the 40D. The larger file sizes are nice but are forcing me to change my work flow to include more image flattening in Photoshop in order to keep file sizes manageable. Haven't even tried the video yet.