Monday, December 8, 2008

Blanco Courthouse

The old courthouse in Blanco, Texas was the venue for The Starlight Symphony concert we attended this past Saturday night!

Title: "Christmas Courthouse"

Camera / Lens: Canon 40D / Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime
Post-processing: Photoshop CS3 > Duplicate Background > Topaz Adjust plugin "Psychedelic" preset > Black and White Adjustment Layer to convert to B&W > Levels Adjustment Layer to set black and white points > Curver Adjustment Layer to add overall contrast > Merge Visible to New Layer and blend with original photo at 57% opacity


Anonymous said...

Very impressive! MIL

Larry Patrick Photography said...


To me what makes this photo is the person walking by the building. He brings life to the building. You did a good job with your exposure, which I find hard to do with night lights. Well done.

Barry Armer said...

Thanks for your comments MIL and Patrick!

Patrick - I like the man in the shot as well. I didn't exactly plan it that way but I didn't wait for him to pass out of the frame either! :-)